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Connect your business to the rest of the world with FBI Travel.

Connect your business to the rest of the world with FBI Travel.


As the world’s economies continue to work more closely together, there is no doubt that business-related travel will become increasingly commonplace. However, organising, managing and planning business travel isn’t always the easiest process.

In some cases, business travel is managed by time-poor frontline employees, or handled by the employee travelling themselves. In either case, there isn’t a lot of transparency in the process and it’s hard to determine if the spend is being used in the right way. As business managers and CFOs want transparency and insight into every level of travel expenditure, it makes sense to work with a company like FBI Travel.

Here’s an overview of what makes our services so renowned in the travel industry.

Travel expenses must be managed and planned appropriately. Travel expenses must be managed and planned appropriately.

Experts in their field

An advantage of working with FBI Travel is our group of smart, savvy travel managers. They’ve been around the world more times than we can count and can provide personalised advice for your business.

Looking for the best way to get to United Kingdom for an important conference? Easy! Want advice on hotels in LA? Our travel managers streamline your corporate travel processes and ensure it’s as simple as possible to manage! We can also amend or create your corporate travel policy which can reduce your expenses by around 20 per cent.

Duty of care for your staff

Travel safety and security are paramount factors for both your business and our team which is why we have a major emphasis on risk management. In addition to being aware of the latest OH&S and legal issues, this focus also extends to when your staff are out of town.

This includes selecting reliable airlines and transfers, booking hotels that meet certain security criteria, analysis of travel warnings, and assistance if someone experiences unexpected problems in a foreign country. We are on-call 24/7 to look after the best interests of your team.

Affiliated with buying groups

Does your business always use the same airline or hotel group when travelling? If so, you could be missing out on significant savings and other benefits! At FBI Travel, we have long established relationships with some of the biggest buying groups in the world – meaning we can negotiate exclusive offers, upgrades, discounts just for your staff.

Receive upgrades for some of the beautiful locations around the world.Potential upgrades at some beautiful hotels around the world.

More specifically, our travel managers work directly with reputable airlines to offer some incredible savings. Don’t let the price of travel stop your staff from connecting with the rest of the world!

World-class online systems

By working with FBI Travel, it’s possible to take advantage of our powerful travel booking system – Serko Online. Don’t worry, we’ll take care of the technology set-up, reducing the amount of time that your team spends booking flights and accommodation. When staff use the portal, they are guided by the rules of your travel policy before it’s signed off and approved by managers.

Of course, if you prefer to have our travel managers working more closely with your travel management, this is also possible.

Benchmarking against your competitors

Regardless of spend, it’s important to know how much businesses of a similar size and scope are investing in corporate travel. As such, we can provide high-quality benchmarking and reports that can assist you with everything from supplier management to expense management.

Our skilled corporate travel team is committed to meeting your company’s travel needs from seating preferences and room styles, to frequent flyer details and preferred travel times. This said, there is a major focus on travel data analysis, polices, booking and expense processes – providing a well-rounded and productive way to manage corporate travel.

For more information, feel free to get in touch with our expert team today.