Why use a TMC for your Corporate Travel?

Good Question!


There are many reasons why using a TMC like FBI Travel could mean the difference between a good business trip and a great business trip.  It is also likely, that by not using a TMC, your Corporate Travel costs could be significantly higher and your company could be leaking funds.


TOP 20 reasons why using a TMC for your Corporate Travel is the intelligent choice

• Airline discounts are available only through TMC’s. If you go direct, you will miss out on these substantial negotiated discounts.

• For domestic travel, our online booking tools present ALL the cheapest fares and rates, with your discounts included, presented in user-friendly formats with terms and conditions conveniently shown, that make choosing the best cheapest option easy.

• For international travel, the options and combinations can be complicated. Fare conditions, route options, and fare construction rules require skill and knowledge. Our booking consultants have many years of experience in searching for the best and cheapest fares and rates, and building best itineraries. They will save you money.

• You cannot apply travel policy with direct bookings. Non-compliance can increase travel costs considerably.

• TMCs provide and support corporate online booking tools (OBTs). They are sophisticated systems developed and enhanced over many years. OBTs are sometimes compared to retail online booking sites, but they are much more sophisticated and add substantial value.


They enable you to:


  1. apply travel policy, traveller information and preferences, company details and payment methods.
  2. track travellers and prevent inappropriate travel, enabling you to apply risk management, as now required by legislation.
  3. track and use unused tickets and credits.
  4. integrate with other systems, such as HR and expense management.
  5. feed all travel data into real time reports that enable you to manage your travel supply.

• TMCs provide 24 hour full-service every day of the year, with human support, care and attention, however you book.

• TMCs provide highly developed emergency services to assist your travellers if anything goes wrong.

• The TMC will provide you with alternative best quotes, which is useful especially for international travel.

• TMCs continue to look for cheaper or better options even after the booking has been made, in case a better alternative becomes available.

• TMCs manage the whole itinerary. If you change any one component, the TMC will automatically alter whatever else needs changing, and provide you with options. When booking retail, it’s all up to you.

• Retail travel websites can be designed to look cheap. Fees may not be disclosed. And taxes and levies can be undisclosed until late in the booking process. With TMCs and OBTs, all fees and costs are fully disclosed upfront. The cheapness of retail options can be an illusion.

• Retail fees are generally higher but not transparent.

• Retail travel agents mark-up, especially international airfares. These mark-ups can be substantial and are not disclosed.

• TMCs offer VIP services for very high level care and attention.

• The TMC saves you substantial time. Searching for best international options can be time consuming. Your time is valuable. We do it for you, efficiently and thoroughly.

• TMCs monitor service delivery with workflow management systems and surveys. We commit to a number of KPIs.

• TMCs manage your travel and travel spend. On a day-to-day basis, we manage the travel suppliers for you, and attend to all the big and little problems that can arise with airlines, hotels and others. Overall, we analyse and advise to reduce your travel costs and improve your travel experience.

• TMCs provide real-time online data and reports. These enable you to obtain best possible deals with suppliers, and monitor suppliers pricing and performance, and to manage your own booking behaviours.

• TMCs provide personalized knowledge and advice. The booking consultant at a TMC will get to know you personally. Assisted by good software, he will develop a rapport and a familiarity with your preferences and patterns. Also, he should be more experienced than his retail counterpart, and provide you with business-smart travel tips and advice. “You’ll get there quicker via Frankfurt.” “That hotel is $30 more, but you’ll save $80 in taxi fares.”



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