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When you join FBI Travel as an independent travel manager, you’re exactly that: independent.  You manage your business. There are no targets set by us, no KPIs, no push to promote any particular products, supplier or partner.


You manage and run your clients, and your business, the way you want.


What we provide is the type of support you would expect if you were working in-house at one of Australia’s most respected luxury travel agents.   Somewhere to work, and to meet. Systems to plan, book and manage your client itineraries. Access to the best deals and exclusive offers. The chance to network with renowned luxury brands. Access to the best trade shows, famils, and a team to share the load with.


How much, or how little, of that you use is up to you.


Once we have agreed the details, and provided any training you want, you’re in business. For yourself. Except you can call on the remarkable expertise and buying power of Luxury Magazine’s Best Travel Agency in Australia 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018.


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To see how working with us can work for you, please contact us or read Best of both worlds, and Why Join.



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