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What are the best offline games for plane travel?
If you're facing a long-haul flight, you need an array of offline games to choose from. Here are a selection of the best options!…

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Keep Your Jewellery Safe

Use a pill box for small jewellery items such as rings and earrings to prevent losing them in your bag.…

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4 apps you need to download for travel in 2017
Smartphones are proving themselves ever more useful for travel, which is why we're looking at the top apps to download for your next trip.…

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Register your travel information with DFAT

Register your travel information with DFAT. Providing DFAT with your trip itinerary and contact details will help them contact you or your family in the event of an emergency, such as a cyclone.

You can register here:


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GPS Tracker for Kids

Chasing after kids can be challenging in busy Airports and city centres. Consider a kids tracking device so that you can ensure that your little sprogs are never hard to locate. Simply attach the device to their wrist and pick up their location via GPS, giving you peace of mind. Simply shop on a website such as eBay or Catch of the Day for child locator.…

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Is learning a foreign language important for overseas travel?
Encountering foreign languages is often part and parcel of travel. However, is it necessary to learn another language for leisure or corporate travel?…

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Stay Safe on your Travels with these 6 Travel Safety Tips

1. Be Alert
2. Avoid wearing flashy jewellery
3. Limit what you carry in your wallet
4. Use your hotel safe
5. Keep a copy of your travel documents & have your travel agents number handy in case of an emergency
6. Take out travel insurance


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How to use social media while travelling
Social media isn't just for sharing what you ate for lunch, it can also be a useful tool for planning your holiday! Here's how you can use it on your next trip.…

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