Humanities and Social Sciences


Experiential learning is an ideal fit with Australian Secondary school Humanities, Social Science and Geography curriculum.


Visiting ancient sites, learning about the events and consequential changes with your teacher and guide allow students to identify, analyse and evaluate. We have listed some recommended learning programs here, however the most effective programs are generally designed with support and insights from teaching staff to ensure that the learning focus is on the topic electives and/or societies according to the curriculum directive.

Modern history learning programs primarily focus on modern nations in the 20th century and the modern world since 1945. These are popular as learning programs as they focus on WWI and WWII with each learning program combining an element of historical learning in context but also cultural experiences thereby allowing schools to consider these as cross-curricular tour options. Popular programs include:


Ancient History


The Middle East

The Middle East

Learn about the Cradle of Civilisation

Itinerary coming soon


Modern History


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