Lost Baggage Concierge


FBI Travel are proud to have partnered with Blue-Ribbon Bags to assist you with your delayed/lost Luggage.

Blue-Ribbon Bags will track and expedite the return of your lost luggage by an airline for the first 96 hours of the bag being lost. If they cannot facilitate the return of your bag within this timeframe, they will pay you a minimum of $1000 AUD per person as compensation.

This service is automatically included for all Premium Economy, Business and First Class tickets booked through the Leisure department at FBI Travel.

How does it work?
If your baggage has been lost by the airline, please proceed immediately to the service desk at the airport to notify the airline and receive your file reference/locator number. Once you have this, please notify Blue Ribbon immediately online at https://www.blueribbonbags.com/MbrFilingPassenger or call +1 (888)224 4243. Your personal Blue-Ribbon confirmation number is located at the bottom of your itinerary.

Things to know.
Please note all missing baggage must be reported to Blue Ribbon Bags within 24 hours of the passenger’s flight landing. Please click here to see full terms & conditions.




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