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Do you Bank with FFP?

Do you Bank with FFP?

Written by Mark Chaskiel Seems like a strange question coming from the owner of a Travel Management Company (TMC). I've been very loyal to my main banker, but in recent years I have taken a huge interest in the Bank of FFP (Frequent Flyer Points). Our task is to buy...

Luxury Travel Magazine’s Destination Sweet Spot

Luxury Travel Magazine’s Destination Sweet Spot

“Travel is a one-way ticket to adventure, inspiration and delight, but it can also deliver unwanted surprises if you don’t do your research. Covering 11 popular destinations, this guide will help you find the ultimate time to travel.” Luxury Travel...

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The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade provide information for all overseas visas as well as passport information.


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Within this website you'll find information on a variety of travel health topics. From air travel tips through to...

Great Travel Apps

If you’re planning a trip – or planning on planning a trip and are unsure where to start – we’ve...

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