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What customs do you need to know around the world?
Although it can be hard to quantify, every country has its own customs and practices that dictate how people live their lives.…

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A day in the life of an FBI Travel Advisor
Today's travel advisor has to juggle various situations and circumstances to ensure the customer always has the best experience possible.…

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5 Instagram-worthy destinations to see in 2018
Although you don't go on holiday for the 'likes' and 'hearts', posting on social media is now part and parcel of travel culture.…

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Singapore Airlines Has Unveiled Their New A380

The new A380 is here after a full redesign and it’s fair to say that Singapore Airlines has truly redefined air travel. Due to take flight in December 2017, let’s explore what you can expect from each class.…

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Why you need to go to Japan on your next holiday
Japan is fast becoming one of the hottest travel destinations in the world. What parts of this beautiful country should you explore?…

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Why take a cruise along the North American coast?

The North American coast, including Canada and Alaska, is packed with unforgettable scenery. With FBI Travel, you can see it for yourself from a cruise.…

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Melbourne airport’s new lounge is changing all the rules about airport lounges

AIRPORT lounges used to be the domain of the elite. A place where the rich and important people could regroup, have a good feed, get pampered and await their flight in calm, opulent surroundings.

But not anymore.

A game-changing new lounge is now at Melbourne’s international airport, offering showers, buffet food, wine, coffee and endless relaxation to everyone — even economy passengers — for just $65.


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Qantas Customers To Help Shape Future Of Inflight Health & Wellness

A group of Qantas customers will participate in a study on inflight health and wellness between the national carrier and one of Australia’s leading academic institutions.
The University of Sydney’s Charles Perkins Centre (CPC) brings together researchers from a variety of fields, from metabolic health and physical activity to nutrition and sleep.
Qantas and CPC have already worked together to influence cabin lighting scenarios, cabin temperature, meal timing and recipe development for the Boeing…

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Emirates changes its trans-Tasman services

Co-ordinated route changes with Qantas improve connectivity and schedule choice across combined network

From 25 March 2018, Emirates will stop flying from Melbourne and Brisbane to Auckland and instead focus on its non-stop A380 Auckland-Dubai service. Emirates will retain its existing daily A380 flights from Dubai to Christchurch via Sydney.

These changes reflect customer demand and the airlines’ respective network strengths and provide more options for customers to travel between Australia…

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United to launch daily non-stop flights between Sydney to Houston

From January 2018 Australians will be another daily non-stop flight to the USA. This announcement came from United Airlines, but it is yet to receive government approval. If approved, this will mean the new service will give Australian’s access to more than 70 cities.
It will be the second longest route of 13,834km which will take approximately 17 hours and 30 minutes.

“This new route will serve more than 70 cities across North America making one-stop service to Sydney faster and more convenient…

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Do travellers live longer?
Did you know that travelling around the world can have a positive impact on your health? Take a look at the following reasons why.…

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American Express to Open Lounge at Melbourne Airport
by Chris Chamberlin | August 7, 2017

EXCLUSIVE | American Express will open a lounge at Melbourne Airport’s international terminal later this year, building on the popularity of the company’s existing Sydney Airport lounge.

As in Sydney, the Melbourne American Express Lounge will offer barista-crafted coffee, buffet dining, alcoholic refreshments, complimentary WiFi, business facilities and a selection of local and international newspapers and magazines.

Read the full article here.


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