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Exploring the alluring fjords on a Norwegian cruise
With the midnight sun, magnificent fjords and quaint fishing towns, Norway during the summer is a sight to behold. In July/August 2017, Deborah Hilton stepped onto Crystal Cruises' North Cape Discovery to see the beautiful landscape for herself. Why should you check out Norway from a cruise?…

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Qantas Starts History-making Flight Direct To London

Qantas' first Perth to London flight took off on 24 March 2018, marking the start of the only direct air link between Australia and Europe - and the fastest way of traveling between the two continents.

The history-making QF9, carrying more than 200 passengers and 16 crew, pushed back just before 7pm last Saturday evening and landed in London at 5am on Sunday.

Operated by a Boeing 787-9, the flight reduces total travel time by eliminating stopovers and taking advantage of the most favourable…

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Finding tranquility in the South Island of New Zealand
Travel advisor Debbie Grace has found that trips to New Zealand can be full of adventure or relaxation regardless of how much time you have away.…

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Self-service Check-in at Sydney International Terminal

Earlier this month, Qantas moved to a new self-service experience for all International Economy customers at Sydney International Terminal (T1), with new check-in kiosks and auto bag drops.

Qantas is the first airline to benefit from Sydney Airport’s new technology, which allows passengers to check themselves in using kiosks and bag drops, similar to the experience at T3 Domestic terminal.

Customers using the self-service kiosks simply need to follow the on-screen prompts to scan their…

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7 Plane Etiquette Rules Every Savvy Traveller MUST Know

Long-Haul, Short-Haul, Mid-haul (whatever that is) or domestic – these are the seven basic #travelhacks to making sure everyone gets to their destination without a mental breakdown.

These tips may just preserve your sanity. You’re welcome.

#1 – Your bladder is OUR bladder

If you know you can’t hold it in – don’t book a Window seat. This is one of those moments in life where you can’t have your cake and eat it too – if you want this, book an aisle seat. Better yet, pay the extra and get an exit…

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FBI Turns 40

Balaclava International Travel – Chaskiel Family
“I'm still trying to process why in 1976 my family decided to open a shop in suburban Melbourne, start travel agency there and call it Balaclava International Travel.

Maybe they knew something I didn't know about my own destiny.

1977 saw me enter the fray. So, 41 years on what's changed?

Let's start with me… Older? Definitely! Wiser? Maybe! Better travelled? Definitely!

Perceived Icons in the travel industry have disappeared, Pan Am, Ansett, TWA,…

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Hottest New Hotel Openings in 2018

This year is off and racing with a plethora of hot new hotels slated to open across Australia in 2018. Sure there are plenty of new hotels of the chain variety set to open in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, but we have our eye for style on the boutique, unique and preferably independent.

Here are details of the most anticipated new hotel openings in 2018:

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What customs do you need to know around the world?
Although it can be hard to quantify, every country has its own customs and practices that dictate how people live their lives.…

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A day in the life of an FBI Travel Advisor
Today's travel advisor has to juggle various situations and circumstances to ensure the customer always has the best experience possible.…

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5 Instagram-worthy destinations to see in 2018
Although you don't go on holiday for the 'likes' and 'hearts', posting on social media is now part and parcel of travel culture.…

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Singapore Airlines Has Unveiled Their New A380

The new A380 is here after a full redesign and it’s fair to say that Singapore Airlines has truly redefined air travel. Due to take flight in December 2017, let’s explore what you can expect from each class.…

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Why you need to go to Japan on your next holiday
Japan is fast becoming one of the hottest travel destinations in the world. What parts of this beautiful country should you explore?…

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