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Changes to Canada’s entry requirements

The Government of Canada has introduced a new entry requirement, known as an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), for certain international travellers when they fly to Canada.

Under eTA, citizens from countries other than the United States (U.S.) who do not need a visa to enter Canada will need to obtain an online authorization before flying to Canada.

From August 1, 2015, eligible travellers can apply online for an eTA.


On March 15, 2016, this entry requirement will become mandatory…

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Devine Design Hotels

FBI Travel has been invited to join the "Design Hotels Lifestyle Leisure Program" as an exclusive preferred agent.


This association means discerning clients will enjoy being treated like VIP’s in the lap of luxury, with access to exclusive value adds and amenities, when booking through FBI Travel.

From Bali to Belize, from Barcelona to Bogotá – clients will enjoy these specially selected benefits in more than 70 participating members of Design Hotels™ around the…

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Flightseeing Holidays in your own backyard

Australia is a big place, and if you ask any Aussie, they’ll likely say something along the lines of, “It’s the Lucky Country” or “It’s the best place to live in the world!”


So if it’s such an amazing place to live, then why not take a holiday in your own back yard? 


Sometimes, with such a wide expanse of land to love and so much to see and do, getting around to see the most remote areas can seem like an impossible task.…

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Holiday in your own Backyard

While the Australian dollar takes a holiday from its day job, it might be a good year to take a break right here at home. The dollar in your pocket is still a dollar, just as it was a year ago, you don't need a passport or visa, there's no immigration queue or long-haul flight and you can use data services with your regular service provider without fear.  Here we get a little taste of Tasmania with Vera Schwartzbord and discover the beauty of the Kimberley Region with Janice Weinstock.


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Don't let staff catch the Travel Bug

Are your staff protected from getting sick when travelling overseas?
If your employees travel to many and varied locations around the Globe, then did you know that that there are in fact some countries that require travellers to have had certain vaccinations before they can enter the country. It might pay to do some background research and check, because it might save some headaches along the way and will also make sure that your staff member has adequate time to go to a travel doctor and…

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Good Travel Policy Development

Here we uncover the importance of why good travel policy in place can decrease the cost of corporate travel across your organisation in the area of least 20% per annum, and make your business a business people choose to work for above others.

When we first meet with a potential new client an important part of the conversation will go a little like this;

“Tell me about your travel policy?”

Some clients will say something like, “Oh we ONLY travel Qantas”, thinking this equates to a Corporate…

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