Adult March of the Living 2020


The March of the Living is a unique program that honours, commemorates and explores the past, present, and future of the Jewish people. By participating in the March of the Living you will experience the two central events of modern Jewish history: the Holocaust and the rebirth of the State of Israel. The program in Poland will begin in Krakow and will depart for Israel from Warsaw with a dedicated group flight with MOTL.


Program Start Date – 20th April 2020
Yom Hashoah – Holocaust Remembrance Day – 21st Apr 2020 (our main event in Poland)
Yom Hazikaron – lsrael’s Memorial Day – 28th April 2020
Yom Haaztmaut – Israel’s Independence Day – 29th April 2020 (our main event in Israel)
Program Finish Date – Late evening 3rd May 2020



If you need flights please contact FBI Travel’s groups department on (03) 8573 0915 or email groups@fbitravel.com.au and we will be very happy to offer you some air fare options to suit your travel plans.



If you are interested in participating in this tour, or for more information about Adult March of the Living 2020, please contact Cedric Geffen, President of March of the Living Australia at or Matan Franco, Administrator of March of the Living Australia at admin@motl.com.au

You can also find more information online at www.motl.com.au



20 Apr – 03 May 2020


Poland and Israel


Adult March of the Living 2020 starts in….









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