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Are you ready to feel the soft breeze of fresh sea air on your skin as you jet-set around some of the world’s most lavish locations on a luxury cruise? It’s the perfect way to rejuvenate yourself, and FBI Travel wants to help you get cruising.

Types of cruising holidays:



Ocean Cruising


The moment you step aboard an ocean cruise liner you are set up for a holiday of pure luxury every minute of the day. An ocean cruise is one of the most stress-free ways to see the world – no airport and no fuss of getting from destination to destination, your entertainment and accommodation travel with you. And, we partner with the best luxury cruise lines in the world, so you can see it all in style.

Where would you like to go? We can plan you a cruise from the Mediterranean to the South Pacific, around Alaska and back again. And no detail will be spared – we’ll ensure you get the ships most comfortable staterooms with unlimited dining experiences and access to all the activities on board.

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Expedition Cruising


Are you after adventure beyond the lido deck? Set sail around some of the most remote, yet beautiful destinations in the world when we set you up with one of our amazing expedition cruises.

These expedition cruises are designed with your curiosity in mind, taking you to all corners of the earth. Have you ever wanted to see the ice in Antarctica? We can set that up for you. How about the Galapagos, Alaska, Baja’s Sea of Cortez, or Costa Rica and Panama? Yes, our personalised cruises will take you there as well.

All tours are accompanied by veteran expedition teams so you’ll get an extensive education on everything you’re seeing. And don’t worry, these cruises don’t sacrifice any details – you’ll still get to unwind in a cosy suite and enjoy all sorts of special luxuries!

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River Cruising


Life at sea isn’t for everyone, and that’s why we also offer to set you up with a more intimate river cruise. These cruises slow things down so passengers can enjoy some of the more inaccessible ports all over the world.

The river cruises transport you from quaint towns to bustling cosmopolitan capitals across Europe, Russia and Asia – you’ll truly experience all walks of life. Castles, cathedrals, palaces and museums all await you at the respective ports. Engage with the culture by shopping and mingling with the locals before heading back to your luxury suite stocked with luxurious amenities.

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Our Cruising Partners


We’ve partnered with all the best luxury cruise lines and expedition cruises in the world to ensure you get the holiday at sea you’ve always dreamed about.

Speak to us today to find out which cruise liner suits you best.

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