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There are no rules!


At FBI Travel, we have a simple rule for corporate travel – there are no rules! Regardless of your requirements and budget, our approach to corporate travel is to tailor your program to work for you to enhance your experience and efficiency. This means that your business can develop networks around the world with ease, without worrying about any administration.

The intricate details often make or break a corporate travel experience for businesses of all sizes, though they’re only made possible when you have a corporate travel management team who are connected with the right people and places.

This is the bespoke service FBI Corporate can offer you – you focus on the business and we’ll take care of the travel.

Intelligent Corporate Travel Managers

Our corporate travel management team is here to not only save you money by finding great deals on flights and accommodation, but to save you time too. Planning a business trip can easily become a second job to the person who has to plan it. When you let us develop solutions, we do the hard work so you and your employees can go on with business as usual.

When we say ‘intelligent’ we mean more than ‘smart’. When you’ve been in the business as long as we have, you know more than just a couple of hotels in the vicinity of the place you’re travelling to.

We take into account all your requirements, thinking outside the box to create a bespoke travel plan. We know where to go to get the best deal, but more importantly, we know how to secure it, saving your business money – ensuring you get the most suitable option for your needs.

We also provide comprehensive after hours support for all clients. It doesn’t matter what time of the day in what part of the world, if you and your team need assistance or advice, our team is here and happy to do anything to remedy the situation.

Technology That Offers Flexibility

We understand the necessity that is flexibility in the modern workplace, that’s why we use high-tech solutions like Serko to ensure your business trip is completely customisable.

We use best in market booking tools and reporting systems to organise data and information on your trip. These tools mean no detail will go overlooked, ensuring your business trip will be stress-free.

Of course, technology is a requirement in planning, too often it is touted as the answer to all our needs. We believe technology is here to enhance the human experience, not replace it. It needs to work for us to make our lives easier. We have dedicated our business to completely refining the blend of tech and human travel services so your business trip is planned and executed expertly.

Corporate Travel Management Experience That Matters

Experience is everything! We take the time to get to know what’s important to your employee’s individual travel needs. Consider things like your seating and meal preferences, room styles, frequent flyer details and preferred travel times.

Leave the planning to us and get back to business!

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