Our Value

Our value, is adding value to every aspect of your corporate travel requirements. Here’s how:

Financial Controls

The cost of travel is often one of a company’s highest controllable expenses. Our experienced team of Travel Managers are always working to reduce Corporate Travel expenses for you. We’ll always use our network of suppliers to secure travel at the best possible industry prices for you.

As your Travel Manager, our ongoing service to you includes:


  • Monitoring and analysing travel expenditures to identify cost-cutting opportunities
  • Develop a corporate travel policy (link to benefits of corporate travel policy (for more info)
  • Negotiate discounts and preferred rates with travel suppliers


Travel Policy Development

A Corporate Travel Policy provides guidelines for levels of accommodation, flight types and class. When implemented, every corporate traveller in your organisation is aware of travel expectations.

Your Corporate Travel Policy clearly explains your company’s travel rules to follow. As your Corporate Travel Manager, we ensure each booking request received from your company, is within your Corporate Travel Policy guidelines. This means, we will not book services outside, or higher than these guidelines, without your express permission.

We’ll work with you to create travel policies so employees only make their travel arrangements through your travel department or preferred airlines, hotels etc.

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Safety of passengers & efficiency of travel

During times of national, corporate, or personal crisis, travel management professionals are crucial to reducing the risk to your company and its travellers.

As your professional Travel Manager, we can easily track employees and implement emergency assistance, at any time, when required.


Employee Satisfaction

Successful travel management also has a positive effect on employees. It can improve employee productivity – by not having them spend their time booking travel. Our professional booking capabilities means your staff are not spending time searching, planning and eventually booking their own flights, accommodations and transfers.

Our scheduling expertise and commitment to improving your company’s ROI means we can arrange schedules so your staff spend less time travelling and more time completing productive work.