Learn more about who we are at FBI Corporate Travel Management, our vision, our customer value and our company values.

Our Vision

Our vision is simple, to streamline your corporate travel programme. FBI Corporate Travel will make you feel like you are not just another one in the crowd.

To have continuous recognition as a leading corporate travel management company who is dedicated to providing personalised service excellence. We’re natural partners with our clients, colleagues, and our community, and we’re at our best when working together to produce extraordinary results. We aim to always exceed our financial goals and the expectations of our clients, our colleagues and our shareholders.

Customer Value Proposition

Our value:

  • Customized travel management – We will work hard to understand your business needs well
  • Personalised service – you will get to know your Travel Manager by name! One person. One point of contact. No stranger. No repeating yourself.
  • Expertise– we are in the know and qualified to advise on best practice booking and supplier management procedures
  • Risk Management – our processes are designed to protect the well being of our travellers reducing potential liability of claims and identify and mitigate corporate travel risks
  • Powerful Reporting – extensive and customised range of reporting to assist in achieving significant benefits
  • Transparency  – we are committed to always being open, honest and transparent in every aspect of our relationship with our clients


FBI Corporate Travel Management

Our Company Values

  • Integrity / Professionalism: We do things consistently to the highest standard by being accountable for our actions and impact
  • Respect:  We choose to understand and accept differences and opinions and treating people with empathy and dignity
  • Fun: We engage with colleagues in a light hearted way to actively contribute to a positive and enjoyable atmosphere
  • Collaboration: We demonstrate a genuine willingness to work together to understand the best way of doing things and staying united whilst achieving them
  • Loyalty: We help each other to succeed without expectation of getting something in return
  • Dedication: We go above and beyond using initiative to ensure best results and pride in your work and who you work for

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