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Your personal Expense Manager

Getting employees to reconcile their corporate cards and submit out of pocket expense claims in a timely way, is a challenge every CFO faces month in, month out.


To streamline the process most organisations use some kind of expense management solution, but not all online expense management tools are equal… How easy any given tool is to use and the features set it supports, are key factors in defining whether anyone uses it and whether it creates any value for the business.


Serko Incharge is an enterprise grade, expense management solution optimised for supporting corporate card programs. The application lives in the cloud, is relevant to organisations with as few as 50 employees right up to large organisations with more than 10,000 employees and is proven to help companies make significant cost savings through better expense management, which in the end is what this is all about.


Expense Management made easy

The easier it is for employees to capture receipts and manage their expenses the more willing they become to do it every day, rather than making it a month-end mission.

At the same time, the easier it is for finance teams to identify anomalies and process claims the better it is for everyone. The right tool can have a huge impact on what’s typically a pretty ugly process.


Reconciling a corporate card transaction through Serko Incharge couldn’t be simpler. Users capture a picture of their receipt using Serko Mobile and submit it to Incharge with a single click. Every night, the employee’s card transactions from the previous day are pulled in from the bank and matched automatically with the correct receipt. At a convenient point users log in to Incharge, code and optionally group their transactions, then submit them for approval. Credit card reconciliation stops being a month end project and becomes an every day task that takes a couple of minutes.


Reclaiming cash expenses is equally easy. Users take a picture of their receipt and submit it to Incharge. In the background Incharge extracts the relevant information from the receipt and creates the expense item. Users then simply log into the web app, code the items and submit them for approval. Receipts can be scanned and uploaded as .pdf files or brought in from Serko Mobile. In the near future users will also be able to email their receipts into Serko Incharge.


Key Features of Serko Incharge

  • Support for Corporate card, Out of Pocket, Allowances,
  • Mileage and cash advances
  • Multi-tier approvals
  • Mobile receipt capture and approvals
  • In-cloud receipt data extraction (OCR)
  • Automatic GST and FBT calculation
  • Pre-trip approval of travel bookings from Serko Online
  • Proxy / delegation of approval authority
  • Comprehensive policy management and alerts

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