Duty of care for corporate travel risk management post COVID-19.


The landscape of business travel is changing – its time to ‘spring clean’ your travel programme. See how FBI Corporate Travel can help you with your travel program during COVID-19 as well as provide tips for travel post COVID-19.

Coronavirus: Keeping travellers safe

FBI Corporate Travel is working to provide you with valuable information during this time.

Most of our clients are thinking about how corporate travel is going to look in the ‘new normal’ and how you can adapt your travel programme to ensure both spend and risk management are top priority.

Moving forward, clear visibility on both traveller spend and safety are going to be crucial. If you’re thinking about the next steps for your business — contact our Corporate Travel team.

Does Your Business Travel Policy need updating?

A travel policy is necessary for any company with travelling employees. There are a range of benefits to having a travel policy, not just for the business but also the traveller.

Having the support of a FBI Corporate Travel Manager is key for this process. We are here to guide you, educate your travellers and to help implement the policy. View our guide to business travel policies here.



FBI Corporate Travel Management

Pre-travel safety checklist

We’ve put together business travel safety tips on a downloadable checklist that can help your corporate travellers prepare for their trip. The checklist includes tips on areas to consider:

Download this pre-travel safety checklist to find out what business travel safety tips your travelers need to consider.

Discover how we can streamline your Travel Management.