What are the best offline games for plane travel?

What games do you need for your next holiday?

What games do you need for your next holiday?


Regardless of whether you’re 18 or 80, long-haul flights can get pretty boring. If you’ve exhausted all the options on your in-flight entertainment system and don’t want to splurge on expensive Wi-Fi, you might think that you’re in for a tedious time.

However, there is one more way you can amuse yourself – offline smartphone games. Forget Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, there are countless games that can challenge, entertain and capture your imagination while you’re en route to your holiday destination.

Get your smartphone ready, here are our top offline games to download.

Candy Crush Saga

It’s hard to believe that Candy Crush Saga was released more than five years ago. As one of the most popular mobile games of all time, there are no less than 2,600 levels across 174 unlockable chapters which can keep the fastest of puzzle solvers busy for a while.

Each level involves swapping different coloured pieces of candy until a certain score is achieved or a specific number of candies are collected. As you move up the levels, it’s certainly a challenge – just watch out for the chocolate!

Unblock Me

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How hard can it be to move a “wooden” block from one side of the screen to the other? Well, in Unblock Me, you’re met with a series of awkwardly-placed additional blocks that stand between you and your goal.

At the start, levels can be completed in a couple of moves, but as you advance, you’ll find yourself locked in a battle between you and those blocks that just won’t shift!

Color Switch

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Known as one of the most addictive games in 2017, Color Switch can give you hours of entertainment during a long-haul flight. The basic premise of the game is to tap a ball through obstacles that relate to its colour. The trick is that the ball must match the colour pattern to be able to cross it.

There are many different game modes that challenge your timing, coordination and focus – meaning that if you get bored with one mode, you can easily change to something else!

Crossy Road

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Crossing the road has never been so fun! While the premise is pretty simple, Crossy Road allows for hours of fun as you try to avoid the oncoming traffic, crocodiles and pesky pigeons.

The best part of this game is the unlockable characters and modes. From the default chicken, you can unlock human characters as well as other animals and objects. Depending on the character, the environment will also change – dark and scary for the wolf, for example.

Tiny Tower

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to own a tower? If so, Tiny Tower is the game for you!

Working from the ground up, you’re responsible for building and stacking new types of floors and attracting ‘bitizens’ to live and work in your tower. The ongoing maintenance of running the tower also extends to operating the elevator for bitizens to navigate the building, leading special events and welcoming VIP visitors. There is even a mock social media platform where you can receive feedback.

The more floors that you have, the more demanding this game is – perfect for a long-haul flight!

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