Travel Insurance is just like your Best Friend

travel insurance

Travel Insurance is often a last minute item on the checklist of an exciting adventure. But it shouldn’t be. It’s kind of like travelling with your best friend – because it will look after you, when you can’t.
You might only think about getting cover if you are going into a dangerous country or planning physically outgoing activities – like bungee jumping or heli-skiing or riding a scooter in Bali for instance.
However, when our Travel Manager, Nikki Diamond purchased travel insurance for a family member’s trip to Cambodia, she never thought that a seemingly minor health ailment would turn out to be the actual reason her travel insurance was needed.
Of all the things we think could happen when travelling overseas, her son developed an ear infection that soon turned quite nasty; resulting in a 3 day stay in a hospital, hooked up to drips and antibiotics – the works!
Apart from the medical bills that were racked up over those 3 days, what would have happened if they had been scheduled to travel within that period? Their flights would likely have had to be cancelled and re-booked and hotel bookings amended; and without travel insurance, it could have cost her family thousands.
Thankfully, it didn’t.
Because with a fully comprehensive travel policy, all Nikki had to do was present her travel policy card – and it was all taken care of. The hospital contacted the Insurance Company and it was all managed between the hospital and the insurance company without any further worry to her family.
So make travel insurance your best friend and click here for a quote:

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