The new touchless Travel experience.

What are we allowed to do, not allowed to do and where are we allowed to go?
The next time you go to an airport, you may not need to touch anything other that your mobile phone.  

As airlines and airports installed self check-in desks, although this generally meant touching a screen to activate – the new form of touchless travel means no contact with anything (machine or being). Rather, you won’t touch anything other than your own mobile phone.

Touchless Corporate Travel

So what does a Touchless travel plan look like?

  • Checking in: Travellers will be able to check-in for a flight remotely and receive their boarding pass barcode all on their phone. The touchscreens at check-in kiosks will likely be out, replaced by facial recognition technology.
  • Airport security:  Body and bag scanners are being developed further which will mea remove items such as liquids and place them on trays.
  • Unwell travellers: Temperature screening of passengers, airport workers and travelers.
  • End to end airport journey: Using your mobile device to scan a QR code, travellers can connect to the airport’s point of sale kiosks with self-service payment for food, beverage and retail.
  • Beyond the airport: We are likely to see resorts, hotels, and tourist attractions,  engage with low-touch solutions.

The future of travel – technology solutions delivering touchless travel every step of your journey.

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