Let Me Ask My Professional Travel Advisor (Issue 2)

Welcome to the second part in our series where our expert team help navigate this new world of travel and answer the questions being asked by travellers.


Let me ask my Professional Travel Advisor

(Issue no. 2)


What are international vaccine passports/certificates and how do they work?

With travel restrictions starting to lift from November, it is important to understand the new international vaccine passports or ‘certificates’ as they are now known. Many countries and some airlines (including Qantas) now require proof of vaccination in order to travel, and the new standardised requirement is an internationally recognised vaccination passport/certificate. It is important to note that to date, not all countries or airlines have implemented this system and some still only accept certificates from certain specified countries/government entities. However, as we move forward, the standardised version will quickly become the norm, replacing any individual arrangements that have been put in place. The new Australian Government International Travel Certificate released this week will be a part of this. This certificate will integrate with the IATA (International Air Transport Association) Travel Pass, which is quickly becoming the standard product for most countries and airlines. This Travel Pass is a digital travel wallet which will store all relevant travel certificates/documentation in the future. At the moment however, the IATA Travel Pass is available by invitation only (the invitation comes from a participating airline after you have booked your flight). Qantas also has plans to integrate the certificate with its own app. For the moment, you will just need to have the certificate stored on your phone or printed out in order to use it.

For Australians, the process to obtain these certificates is pretty simple. You need your MyGov account and your passport ready. Then the process is as follows:

  1. Once fully vaccinated,  make sure your vaccination certificate is showing on your Medicare file in you MyGov account (You can view this certificate by clicking on the “Proof of COVID-19 vaccination” on MyGov homepage.)
  2. Log in and click on the “International COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate” button. (Please note, this needs to be done individually for each family member linked to your account)
  3. Enter your passport details as requested – there is provision for Australian and foreign passport holders as well. (Please note the form is case sensitive and you may need to manually add any middle names listed on your passport)
  4. Confirm all the details, and then the international certificate including QR code should be immediately available to download or print in a PDF format.


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