Incident Response

Every business wants to reduce delays and stress that corporate travel can present.

Many incidences, including strikes and natural events are out of our control. However, if your staff are inconvenienced by one of these events, they simply need to call our team for assistance!

Prevention is better than cure

There are many incidents we can prevent before you depart. This includes selecting the most reliable and safest airline, choosing hotels in suitable and convenient locations.


We will identify and discuss with you any destinations or transit points that may represent an unacceptable risk to you or your staff and provide early notification of natural and unnatural disasters so you can decide to alter or cancel or continue with your travel.


Things you don’t want to think about – but should

We have helped many corporate travellers return safely from a range of situations including strike, shut-downs, ash clouds, earthquakes or forest fire, and acts of terrorism.


We have hands-on experience with evacuations and have organised emergency travel as a result of natural and unnatural disasters. We work with insurance companies, emergency relief organisations and outsourced evacuation experts to ensure your return is a fast and safe as possible.


CASE STUDY: Potential disaster avoided

On 29th October 2011, Qantas suddenly ceased flights in the face of industrial action by three unions. A large number of our corporate clients and their staff were stranded.

Our emergency service plan was initiated. Travel Managers were called into the office to assist with initial traveller location and contact details.

Impacted travellers were quickly contacted by email or phone. Booking consultants were assigned to prepare alternative arrangements for travellers.

Our relationships with Qantas, from the Qantas corporate service desks to senior management, enabled us to quickly determine and monitor the course of events. We experienced minimal delay in dealing with the airline, and received priority rescheduling service.