Family Boarding is BACK on United Airlines

Family Boarding is back 1500 X 600


For parents with young kids, travelling as a family can feel like a Herculean endeavor. Now, United Airlines wants to ease the burden a bit.


The airline announced that from Feb. 15, families traveling with children under the age of 3 will be permitted to board their flights before first class and elite status passengers.


If this policy doesn’t sound new to you, that’s because it’s not. United previously allowed parents with young children to board early but revoked this option for families during a boarding process revamp in April 2012.


Four years later, the airline is reversing the change that forced families to board with everyone else. As United Airlines Senior Vice President of Customers Sandra Pineau-Boddison told The Associated Press, “It takes a little bit of the stress out of the travel situation.”


She added, “Some things are just the right thing to do.”


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