Emergency Travel to/from Australia

The Federal Government has very strict border measures in place to protect the health of the Australian community during this pandemic. These measures have limited the flights available to and from Australia resulting in difficulties for those who are allowed to and indeed need to travel.

At FBI Travel our award winning team have once again been called upon to help our fellow Australians in need. Our Professional Travel Advisors have been increasingly using their years of expertise and knowledge of the industry and how the system works, to assist those that need to travel internationally.

FBI Travel | Emergency Travel

We have found that the 5 most common reasons for people traveling are:

  • Due to compassionate reasons (e.g. family overseas requiring care/being unwell/death in the family)
  • Students who are resuming studies overseas (whether they are living overseas permanently, or travelling for an extended period of time)
  • Repatriating Australians who for various reasons could not return to Australia earlier
  • Business people who are working in one of the permitted “critical industries” who need to travel now
  • To receive Medical treatment not available in Australia

If you or any of your family/friends do need to travel for any of the permitted government reasons, please don’t be shy, reach out and let us offer you our hand in assistance to help you navigate the complexities of the COVID-19 travel world.

Now more than ever, you need an expert on your side!


“I decided to engage with FBI Travel a month ago as I heard quite astounding feedback on their travel services, and I was thoroughly impressed by how professional their assistance was. Considering the whole world is currently in a COVID-19 crisis and travelling internationally is nothing short of being tremendously difficult, I was surprised how efficient FBI Travel was in organising a flight for me with such little notice. They were well informed on the latest key updates regarding government policies, airlines, and border control associated with COVID-19, which undoubtedly helped secure my safe travel to a foreign country. Their service was not only professional but was also friendly, understanding and caring. I highly recommend their service to anyone who is looking to travel!”


“I had to travel for urgent reasons during the COVID19 lockdown, so I enlisted some help from these friendly agents. Their investigations and intelligence into what was happening internationally, provided me with the best advice and the latest update on regulations. This allowed me to make the best decisions, and avoid the long interrogations I saw others going through at overseas ports, I am so glad I booked with them, made it so much easier than wasting time trying to book online.

Guess what, my mission botched up mid-way! – No problem, I picked up the phone to my friendly FBI agent, who quickly came to the rescue to protect us, rerouting, and leading us to safety with utmost friendliness, compassion, and some astonishing publicly unknown secret connections!

Mission Accomplished! Thank you, FBI.”


“We booked with FBI Travel a flight to New York in June, in the height of the COVID19 Pandemic.

FBI helped us through every stage, from advice with travel exemptions and restrictions, insurance and all the new rules and regulations when flying. We had to change our ticket twice, due to a family emergency, and again FBI were there to arrange all the details, taking all the stress from us.

Danny, Yehudis and team – thank you for going above and beyond in these turbulent times.”


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COVID-19 Travel Information

FBI Travel has been monitoring the impact on the travel industry caused by COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus. In order to provide even more details about what’s happening, we’re bringing together all our travel industry news and updates.