Aussie departure cards to be axed in 2016

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Australian Federation of Travel Agents chief Jason Westbury confirmed that Australian Departure Cards would be made redundant in 2016!

“It’s going, isn’t that exciting?” Westbury told members of the Helloworld summit in Wellington

Westbury said he’d been on an eight year crusade to have the uneccessary cards abolished, arguing the government collects the data it requires when passports are scanned at immigration and flight information is recorded at the gate.

The AFTA boss said the departure cards would be scrapped by the end of this year.

Australia is one of the few countries left in the world to ask departing travellers to fill out the cards, New Zealand being the other.

At Sydney airport the bulk of departing travellers can use self-service e-gates and drop off departure cards in a box which is not screened by immigration staff.