What will the future of travel look like?

What luxury travel options of the future are you most looking forward to?


In this day and age, we’re constantly seeing many mind-blowing advancements in technology. We have driverless cars, and space travel has also progressed so far as to allow a select few civilians the chance to establish a permanent settlement on Mars!

While you may not be so keen to jet off on a one-way journey to another planet, there are plenty of extraordinary accommodation options available for you to stay at. For example, the Waterworld Hotel in Songjiang, China, is a futuristic resort hotel found literally embedded into the side of a quarry rock face.

Or, if you’re passing through Japan, you also have the option of checking in at Nine Hours. It’s a completely minimalist approach to luxury accommodation, complete with simple pod-like rooms that hold only a bed.

What do these places have in common? Nothing other than the chance to spend a few nights living in pure bliss. Soon, these types of hotels will be the norm of the future. Let’s have a look at other possibilities.


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Is there life on Mars? Perhaps not right now, but soon, there may be a human settlement. An initiative called Mars One aims to send crews of humans on a one-way trip to Mars. Whilst scenes from “The Martian” may spring to mind, life for the select few will surely be easier. Scientists from Mars One have found four crops to be edible when grown in simulated Mars soil.

Mars One only offer one-way tickets in the name of science, but it’s only a matter of time before spaceships are able to complete round way trips in record time. Just like space, the accommodation opportunities are endless. In Russia, there is talk of engineers launching a private floating hotel into space, available for aspiring travellers that wish to experience the life in a spaceship for a week or so.

Other options would be to dock on a planet and live there as normal. The cult television show “Firefly” revolves around life on intergalactic planets. Called “terraforming”, this is when planets are artificially stabilised to sustain human life. Imagine being able to buy not only plane tickets to other countries, but also to planets out of this world!


The sea can be both fascinating and terrifying, yet beautiful, too. When you check into an underwater hotel, awe will certainly be the first emotion that manifests. With nothing but clear glass between you and the sea, you certainly wouldn’t need to step foot outside your room for the experience of a lifetime.

Underwater hotels aren’t completely a foreign concept. There are a few you can currently visit: Dubai, being a country that knows how to live in luxury, is home to Atlantis The Palm. Or, you could hop on over to the aptly named Underwater Room at Zanzibar’s Manta Resort.

While extravagant, this just shows that underwater hotels are nothing short of possible. What’s to say that there won’t be one closer to home, such as the delicate ecosystem of The Great Barrier Reef or the icy waters of Antarctica? Or perhaps stopping off the English Channel Tunnel (“Chunnel”) halfway through your train ride to stay in a crystal clear bubble for a night?

That’s certainly a more practical way of arriving at your destination without having to deep sea dive! However, zooming down to your magnificent underwater hotel room via submarine would also be an experience in itself…


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Revisit your inner hobbit by spending a few nights in an underground hole. New Zealand’s Hobbiton doesn’t offer this luxury accommodation service just yet, and the closest experience to life as it was in Middle Earth is a treehouse in South Dakota, but it’s not exactly the earthy, cosy abode of Bilbo Baggins.

Travellers can simply check into an underground room and check out of life on earth above. It’ll definitely be a warmer, darker mode of living, for those that prefer solitude.

Cave hotels could also be a possibility, with many underground pools ready to be explored by keen spelunkers. Eventually, do you think we could visit the earth’s layers without copping the intense heat?


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For a much needed adventure that doesn’t quite require shooting off into space, what about the sky? If floating hotels in space are a possibility, surely accommodation in our own atmosphere is much more sustainable. You could live the dream in a hot air balloon, a blimp hotel or even a house itself – after all, Carl Fredricksen from “Up” made it look so easy!

Aboard a luxury sky hotel, you’d be the first to see a sunrise, and rain wouldn’t be a problem at all. Each morning would bring different views of the horizon, and you could even spend a few nights near snow-capped mountaintops without feeling the altitude changes or intense chill.

How FBI Travel can help

Before we get carried away, it’s important to remember that many of these are just concepts thus far and yet to become a reality. However, doesn’t mean there aren’t any luxury accommodations currently available!

If you’d like to explore your options, and also the world, get in touch with the team at FBI Travel to design a bespoke travel itinerary.



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