How to choose the perfect family holiday destination

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Choosing the perfect family holiday destination is an exciting task and may seem simple enough, however when bringing together different age groups like toddlers and teens, parents and grandparents – it’s critical to get it right.


Here are our top tips to help you decide on the perfect family holiday destination this coming holiday season.

1. Climate

Seems like a no-brainer right? Doesn’t everyone like a tropical getaway you ask?

Not necessarily so.

No-one wants to go on holiday only to find that the humidity causes a health concern or the cold weather is too much for one member of the family. And, for this reason alone, it’s important to make sure that the weather at the time you plan to travel suits everyone’s needs and wants, when holidaying with the whole family in tow.

Do your research and find out what the weather is like and when is the best time to travel to the destination you have your collective heart set on.


2. Logistics of Travel

This can be a deal breaker and can include issues ranging from how long it will take to get there and whether or not everyone in your group can handle a long haul flight with possible connections and transfers, to whether the resort you have chosen has too many stairs to go up and down each day.

One thing is for sure – you want to make sure the facilities within the resort and those close by are as easy to navigate for the young ones as they are for the more mature members of the family.

Another important question to think about is whether you will stay in one location or many over the course of your holiday and how easy it will be to move a family group 2 or 3 times during your time together.


3. Activities/Entertainment

One person’s idea of an idyllic getaway differs from another’s – and why it’s important to consider what you all like to do or not do while on holiday, whichever the case may be.

When selecting the perfect family escape it is wise to ensure there is a wide range of activities on offer for all the family. This will make it easy on all involved should one person prefer to rest while everyone else gets out and about.


4. Proximity to Shopping/Sightseeing and other facilities

When a large and diverse group of people are on holiday, mobilising the troops may not be as simple as you think.

Often, moving a large group of people at one time may mean having to source 2 or more cars at one time or accessing a specialised transport vehicle.

To make it simple – choose a location or resort that is either within walking distance of the local nightlife/shopping/sightseeing areas, has access to great public transport options or has the facilities to accommodate your group’s mobility matters.

If a resort offers complimentary transfers to and from local hotspots – it could be a worthwhile option.


5. “A la carte” or “All Inclusive”?

This is a really important consideration when travelling with a large group of family members.

Choosing an “a la carte” style holiday where you pay for the hotel, the food, the entertainment etc as you go, might be ok for some – however if your group is inclined to be more comfortable being close to all entertainment and would rather not haggle over who will pay for lunch/dinner this time, taxi fares etc, or the hassle of splitting bills everywhere you go – then an all-inclusive holiday that includes all entertainment, food and drinks, and where you’ll have everything under one roof such as Club Med or a cruising holiday might suit your group best.



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