Why you should consider multi-destination travel for your next trip


If you’re planning a trip, why not see if you can incorporate more than one destination into your travel plans and make the most out of your time? A multi-destination holiday provides a great opportunity to see several locations in one trip, whether they’re close to each other or miles apart. Your stops can be tailored to your interests, pace, must-see destinations and available budget.

Here’s what FBI travel adviser Vera Schwartzbord has to say about why so many of our clients are opting to visit several destinations in one adventure.

Mixing it up with multi-destination travel

While any opportunity for travel is fantastic, when you visit just one destination, you might find you see or do much of the same, says Vera. By taking a trip with multiple stops along the way, you can mix it up and take in a variety of cultures or change the pace as you go. If you like to vary your activities, you can fly into a bustling city to begin your trip, and then move on to a laid back beach resort and put your feet up at the end.

FBITravel Multidestination 1
Change the pace with a trip to the beach at the end of your multi-destination holiday.


Making extra stops is easier than ever

You don’t need weeks to spare in order to take in multiple destinations on your next trip. Vera explains that airlines like Lufthansa, for example, fly worldwide and have a large number of sister airlines that make their connections fast and flexible no matter how much time you have available. They make it easy to buy tickets with multiple stops, and even let you mix economy and business class to ensure your multi-location trip fits into your budget and preferences.

You can destination hop within one country, a single region or even travel multiple continents with the kinds of connections available today. Even a short break can be multi-destination.

FBITravel Multidestination 2
Multi-destination travel allows you to follow your interests and tailor-make your holiday.


How to book your multi-destination holiday

Travel advisers have really nailed the multi-destination travel market. Our years of experience allow us to come up with creative ways to extend your trip that work with your existing plans but don’t exhaust you, thinks Vera. You can provide a list of destinations you want fitted together, or you can let your travel adviser take the reins, finding stops that work best on your preferred route.

Did you know that Africa offers a range of stopover locations on the way from Australia to Europe? Or that Japan is an excellent add-on to a European adventure? Travel advisers know these combinations work so well because they understand how airlines operate. Lufthansa, for example, is based in central Europe but extends across the world with its sister companies, and travel agents have this kind of knowledge engrained in them. This is really important if you don’t want to spend hours working out what’s possible without accidentally ramping up the cost and blowing your holiday budget.

At FBI travel, our team works together to come up with ideas for your perfect multi-destination trip. With years of experience, we know the time you’ll need to transfer between airport gates, or how long it takes to explore your next city stop. Talk to our team today and start planning your multi-destination adventure.





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