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Soak in the Bali sun with Elite Havens.


Birthdays are always a special time of the year. However, as milestones go, 80th birthdays are among the most exceptional – demanding a family occasion which matches this notable age.

For Nikki Diamond and her family, her father’s 80th birthday met this criteria with the group deciding to jet off from Australia to the tropical destination of Indonesia. With more than 18,000 islands to choose from among the Indonesian archipelago, the family chose to stay at Villa LeGa at Seminyak, on the island of Bali.

Of course, with 10 people ranging from 12 to 80 years old, there was a need for accommodation that could service everyone’s expectations, while also provide an intimate location to spend quality time with the family. With the help of Elite Havens, Nikki and her family found this at the tranquil Villa LeGa.

Villa LeGa – meeting expectations from the start

For the group of 10, the requirements were simple – luxury accommodation with space to relax and unwind. While this could describe many locations across Indonesia, Villa LeGa stood out from the pack with its sheer attention to detail.

Across the five bedrooms, each had a ensuite which was serviced daily and overlooked the stunning crystal clear pool below. Nikki and her family were keen to note the beautiful furnishings inside the bedrooms calling them both “modern” and “world class”.

As the aforementioned pool, the area was comfortable, well-maintained and a great spot for the whole family to come together to enjoy the Indonesian sun, the family noted.

Service with a smile

The staff at Villa LeGa went “over and above” for the family.

It is easy for staff at large resorts to overlook customers, particularly when they are busy. However, with the private Villa LeGa, it’s the complete opposite. With 24-hour security and at least 14 different staff, including a villa manager who acts as a private concierge taking care of the family’s every need, there is space to relax in the pleasant environment.

Whether it was being served high-quality meals by the professional chef or getting clean towels for the pool, the staff at Villa LeGa went “over and above” for the family – much to their enjoyment. This allowed the group to wander to the beach each day for a coffee and snack safe in the knowledge that everything was covered.

The group can’t speak more highly of their LeGa experience and would love to do it all again – perhaps as their family continues to grow.

Of course, what stands out is the value for money as a group. As supposed to staying across five rooms in an equivalent hotel at a steep price, a group can enjoy the privacy of individual rooms, but also experience the wonderful facilities of a secluded resort.

Regardless of your budget or group size, Elite Haven have villas across Southeast Asia including Phuket, Sri Lanka and Lombok to suit.

If you would like information about Villa LeGa or the other Elite Haven destinations, feel free to get in contact with the team at FBI Travel today.



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