Planning your perfect digital detox in Africa

Find your digital detox holiday in Africa.


Holidays aren’t just about exploring new places. They also provide an opportunity to break the routine and get some well-deserved rest and relaxation. Alongside that, with our current lifestyles revolving around digital devices and being available 24/7, travel is a great way to cut our constant connection with the world and take some time to look after our mental wellbeing.


For the team at FBI, Africa provides an opportunity to do just that. With remote game reserves, white-sand islands surrounded by bright blue water, and energetic cities a world away from our normal environment.

Here are our favourite ways to detox from the digital world with a trip to Africa.

1) Reconnect with nature at a remote safari resort

Deep in the African plains, relax and unwind in amongst spectacular sights of nature at a safari retreat centre. Spend your days exploring the wilderness, looking for opportunities to encounter incredible animals like lions, giraffes and elephants in their home territory.

On days off, or during the evening, relax at a beautiful tented camp, safari lodge or exclusive villa. Even the tents come with private verandahs, en-suite bathrooms and gourmet African cuisine. Rooms are equipped with cosy throws for chilly evenings, soft rugs underfoot and ambient lighting to help you on your journey of relaxation.

Spend the evening watching the sunset over the plains or above the local watering hole before dinner. If you’re staying by the river, take an evening cruise and see which animals you spot settling down – or waking up – for the night.

Africa offers no shortage of breathtaking safari locations spread throughout the continent – such as the Masai Mara National Park in Kenya, the Serengeti in Tanzania, Kafue National Park in western Zambia, canoe safaris in the Okavango Delta in Botswana and the Kruger National Park in South Africa. If you really do need to connect with the outside world temporarily, a number of camps do offer Wi-Fi in restricted areas.

2) Escape to a tropical island paradise

Your choice of digital detox island getaways in Africa is huge. As well as a number of sandy isles off the east coast, you’re also within a short hop of the five-star resorts of the Seychelles and Mozambique.

Whether escaping from your 9-5 means a beachfront bungalow or hillside villa with sweeping sea views, you’ll find your little slice of paradise in Africa. With the Indian Ocean’s year-round warm temperatures, white-sand beaches, lush palm trees and sea-view restaurants, you’d be hard pressed not to relax here.

If you’re feeling like getting even further away from civilisation, plan a trip to Reunion Island. Lying just beyond Madagascar, the island is still owned by France and offers a unique break – with villages situated inside volcanic craters and French colonial architecture set in tropical gardens. Far from the bumpy, dusty and poorly designed transport system you might expect from a remote island, the roads here are exceptionally well-maintained, which means exploring is stress-free.

3) Get lost in an energising African city

Exploring a new city provides plenty of distraction from your digital device, and Cape Town has lots to keep you occupied for several days. Visit the magnificent Table Mountain or get some more game spotting in at one of the nearby national parks. Spend a day exploring the pristine beaches, or jump into some world-class surfing. Alternatively, take it slow with a round of golf at Cape Town’s stunning range of courses.

Move away from the more westernised cities and it’s the number of friendly faces you meet around every corner that really distracts you from the strains of everyday life at home. Visit St Louis in Senegal and soak up the jazz music the city is famous for, or attend one of the many museums in Nairobi to learn more about African culture and art. Venture up to the northern tip of Africa, and find energetic markets in places like Morocco and Algeria – you’ll be absorbed by the smells, sounds and bartering opportunities for days.

4) Take a yoga and well-being retreat

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to improving your wellbeing in Africa. From intensive yoga, to meditation, spa breaks and wilderness retreats – you can pick the option that calls to you.

In South Africa, spend your days recharging with nutritional delights, energising with relaxing massages or simply swimming, reading and taking in the scenery. Cape Town offers a number of luxury spa resorts offering a plethora of treatments.

Heading to Zanzibar lets you combine yoga classes with wandering around the impressive old city, lazy days on the beach and snorkeling the reefs. Meanwhile escaping to Mauritius provides an opportunity to visit a boutique resort set in a secluded cove and focus on replenishing your body, mind and soul. With a truly remote setting, totally out of the ordinary, guests are invited to re-balance and take advantage of holistic therapies available.

Alternatively, a number of retreats further inland operate out in the wilds and combine your early morning yoga classes and evening meditations with days out on safari.

5) Take a family detox

It’s not just adults that need a digital detox now and then. Our children are spending more time connected and accessing devices from a younger age than ever before. Africa presents the perfect opportunity to get your children away from the screen and engaged with the world around them. They’ll be enthralled in the hunt for animals they never see at home, and we guarantee they’ll be happy to watch as these animals show how they live out in the wild.

After a few days on safari – head to the beach and distract them with kayaking adventures, building sand castles, fire shows and snorkel trips. No matter where you choose to safari, there’s a great internal network of flights that can have you enjoying the beaches of Zanzibar or Cape Town in no time. The waters here offer a huge variety of marine life that’s much more thrilling in real life than on a screen.

FBI Travel are on hand to help you create your perfect African digital detox. Whether you want a beach break, animal-spotting safari or a mix of both – we can organise your perfect trip. Contact our expert team today.



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