My World this Month: Nikki in Namibia

I have always wanted to visit Namibia and was very fortunate to be offered a travel agents’ educational tour.  I travelled with 3 agents from the US, 2 from Australia and our South African hostess and we were lucky enough to be there for 11 days.

Nikki 1

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What piece of advice would you give to any families wanting to visit this destination?

Namibia is a very safe and friendly destination, the landscapes and wildlife are stunning. Be prepared for hot days and cool evenings.


What piece of advice would you give to a single traveller wanting to visit this destination?

Stay in a small camp where you have a chance to mix with the other guests.



Was transport easy to access/readily available?

Everything was prebooked, we travelled by light aircraft and road between the lodges.


Did you mainly get around on public transport/taxi – or would you recommend a tour guide/driver and why?

I would highly recommend booking an all-inclusive tour to ensure all arrangements are streamlined.


What was your favourite experience within this country – what is the one thing you feel that travellers just cannot miss out on?

Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp – this camp is located in one of the most remote areas of Namibia accessible only by light aircraft. The scenery is outstanding and the camp offers upmarket tented accommodation in a truly remote setting with the added attraction of superb wildlife and access to the Skeleton Coast National Park.

There were many highlights, diverse activities (game drives, ship wrecks, huge sand dunes and a dramatic coastline.)

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Least favourite thing about this destination? Weather, customs, food, heat, cold, etc?

We travelled in December which is low season due to extremely hot weather.


If you weren’t a seasoned traveller – what piece of advice would you give to help make a trip more enjoyable or avoid a stressful situation?

Book through an expert who can ensure the trip runs seamlessly.



What were the locals like? Were they friendly towards visitors. Did they know what experiences tourists are wanting?

They are fully equipped for tourism, the locals are friendly and wanting to please.


Are there any special cultural rituals or customs visitors need to be aware of?




Was the cuisine for the adventurous, or was there plenty of options available for the less adventurous also?

There were plenty of options for dining, but for the adventurous lots of game such as ostrich, eland, oryx and kudu


Any recommendations for the adventurous ‘foodie’?

Be brave, try the game.


Any recommendations for the more conservative palate?

There are plenty of conservative options such as chicken, beef, salads and vegetarian dishes.



At which Hotel/Hotels did you stay?

  • And Beyond Sossusvlei Desert Lodge
  • The Strand Swakopmund
  • Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp
  • Ongava Lodge
  • Onguma Fort Camp
  • Okonjima Luxury Bush Camp
  • Olive Exclusive Boutique Hotel


How would you describe your overall experience at these Hotels?

All hotels and lodges were excellent, and I would highly recommend each and every one of them for their unique experiences and locations, wonderful cuisine and luxury accommodation.



Absolute “must sees”? (If you go to this place, you absolutely can’t miss out on……)

Sossusvlei: Unspoilt desert beauty famous for its large, red sand dunes which are some of the tallest sand dunes in the world.

Hoanib: Skeleton coast and safari experience with desert adapted animals.

Etosha National Park: Totally different from my previous safari experiences in Africa, Etosha park is malaria free, easily accessible (even for self-drive) and its array of habitats makes it very different from what you see in East and Southern Africa. The landscapes and the vast Etosha pan are an absolute highlight along with the wonderful bird and animal wildlife.


Nikki 3

Nikki 4

Any “Don’t Bothers”? Is there an attraction or location that is hyped up or overrated in your opinion?

Windhoek:  The capital of Namibia should be used only for a stopover if flights do not connect.


What main benefit would you say using a travel agent has brought to your experience?

Namibia is a very unknown yet upcoming destination. A travel-agent can put a wonderful experience together using their knowledge of the destination and the experts on the ground to guide you all the way.


My final tip is that Africa is a must see for everyone. You will not be disappointed, it is magic. I’ll leave you with three of my favourite African quotes.






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