How to use social media while travelling

Social media can be a useful tool on your travels.

With so many people sharing their lives online, social media has become a gateway to hidden gems and exciting new discoveries. From the latest pop up store to the hottest new bistro, there are a number of ways to use social media to your benefit. You can also use these dynamic platforms to enrich and assist in your travels, wherever you may be headed.

Here we look at the top ways to use social media while travelling.

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Find your next favourite spot with Facebook and Instagram 

When planning your next trip to a new destination, it can be difficult to know where to start. While your Travel Manager will be able to tailor your holiday to suit your needs, sometimes you’ll find yourself searching for the occasional restaurant or attraction to discover.

Rather than sticking to your guidebook, open up Facebook or Instagram to find your next favourite spot on holiday. While guidebooks are usually only updated once a year, local businesses are likely to be updated frequently on Facebook, which has over 1.18 billion daily active users around the world. In addition, guidebook companies such as Lonely Planet also have their own Instagram feed where you’ll find plenty of travel inspiration photos posted almost daily.

Once you’ve found an interesting destination or a great-looking restaurant on Instagram, you can turn to Facebook to find not only the opening hours, but reviews left by other patrons – helping you to uncover your next favourite spot or avoid a less than favourable tourist trap.

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Let your friends and family know you’ve arrived safely

If you’ve got people waiting back home to to find out when you arrive at your destination, social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram provide an easy way to let everyone know you’ve made it.

Skip the queues with Google 

When you have limited time in a certain destination, you’re going to want to minimise the time you spend waiting in queues. Fortunately, a growing number of attractions and businesses now have their busiest times listed in their Google search result. This clever tool can show you when the location usually has the highest volume of visitors, as well as the average length of time people visit.

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Share your experience with the people back home

At the heart of social media platforms is the ability to connect with your loved ones and share your experiences. While we recommend you don’t overdo it and focus instead on enjoying your travels, you can keep those at home in the loop by sharing the occasional photo or video on Instagram, or by checking in to a destination on Facebook. However, don’t forget to put your phone down and appreciate the moment with your own eyes!

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