Do you look forward to flying? The 14 signs that you’re a plane nerd


Most of us are interested in planes – at least, a little bit. We want to know that they’re definitely going to take off and land. We’d like the seats to be comfortable. We hope there aren’t long queues for the toilets.

But that’s generally where it ends. Planes get you from A to B. There’s no more to it.

For some travellers, however, there’s a lot more to it. Some travellers, to put it bluntly, are kind of obsessed. They love planes. They know planes. They get just as excited about the thing they’re flying in as the place it’s supposed to take them.

These people are plane nerds. And if you can say yes to a lot of the following, there’s a good chance you’re one too.

1. You know what the last three numbers on a Boeing plane mean

Most travellers know their Boeing 777 from their 767. They’re able to spot a 747, with its bulbous head, and they know when they’re looking at a spanking new Dreamliner. But what about all those other numbers? What’s a 777-300? How does a 737-800 differ from a 737-500? If you know the answer to those questions, you’re definitely a plane nerd.

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