Cruising Patagonia – 4 reasons to explore Patagonia by cruise

Perito Moreno Glacier (Photo Credit: Aurora Expeditions)


While the world has definitely changed since Chatwin published his classic travelogue, ‘In Patagonia’ in 1977, Patagonia remains much the same as when Chatwin explored Patagonia’s rugged mountain ranges and stunning vistas. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the modern world, Patagonia remains an untoched haven for unique and endemic creatures.

It can take some time to adjust to the slow pace of life in this windswept archipelago at the southernmost tip of South America. Barely a motorised sound can be heard, replaced with the sound of the wind rushing through the beech trees, water lapping on rocky-shored lakes, while the roar of a glacier calving into glistening blue waters interrupts this peaceful setting.

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The beautiful Perito Moreno glacier. (Photo Credit: Aurora Expeditions)

4 reasons to explore Patagonia by cruise

1. Awe-inspiring fjords and coastal glaciers

Also known as the Álley of Icebergs, cruising through the Beagle Channel is a definite highlight of any Patagonia expedition. Watch captivated as snow-capped peaks tower far above, while ancient rivers of ice carve paths through the valleys, terminating in dramatic ice cliffs and glacial runoff culminating in impressive waterfalls. There is no better way to experience this magnificent landscape than from the waterr.

2. Dolphins, whales and seabirds

Francisco Coloane Marine Park was Chile’s inaugural marine reserve, which can only be explored by small ship expeditions. Humpback, minke, and even elusive sei whales can be spotted feeding in these crystal-clear waters. While also home to a diverse array of seabirds, noisy sea lion colonies and delightful Magellanic penguins, the marine park is a biological wonder worthy of strong ecological protection.
Further north, as you explore the impressive Chilean fjord systems, lively pods of dolphins, including the acrobatic Peale’s dolphin, and a range of seabird can be sighted playing around our ship as we carefully navigate an intricate maze of channels and islands.

3. Ecological Education

Expedition cruises are about much more than just spending time in remote locations and the wilderness. Perhaps even more importantly, they are also about deepening our understanding of the fragile world we live in.

On expeditions with Aurora Expeditions you will be accompanied by our world leading team of expedition specialists, including archaeologists, glaciologists and naturalists. In addition to offering formal presentations on areas they’ve studied in detail, they aim to educate us about the fragility of the natural world that we live in.


4. Adventure combined with the comfort of a floating home base

Following in the footsteps of famed explorers like Chitwin and Charles Darwin, expedition cruises offer the best of both worlds: appreciating the landscape from on board our purpose-built expedition ship, with time spent exploring. Between Zodiac cruises through bays filled with intricate shapes of ice, visits to traditional villages and a range of day hikes, there is plenty of variety for every adventurer.
At Torres del Paine National Park, travellers disembark for two days to immerse yourself even more in the stunning mountain scenery, and the glaciers that flow from the massive Southern Patagonian Ice Field.

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