Don’t let staff catch the Travel Bug

Travel Tip Corporate Vaccinations

Are your staff protected from getting sick when travelling overseas?
If your employees travel to many and varied locations around the Globe, then did you know that that there are in fact some countries that require travellers to have had certain vaccinations before they can enter the country. It might pay to do some background research and check, because it might save some headaches along the way and will also make sure that your staff member has adequate time to go to a travel doctor and receive the required vaccines.
Apart from any vaccines required, managers should ensure their staff are on top of any other health risks that they may come across in their particular region.
So before travel, check with a travel doctor what vaccinations might be required. They are across all relevant and timely health advice.
Also www.smarttraveller.gov.au recommends a basic health checkup for travellers at least eight weeks before they depart.



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