Business travellers are putting themselves at risk by showing off on social media


As part of its latest global International Travel Management Study, AirPlus found that business travellers are publicly revealing their locations on social while travelling, putting themselves and their travel companions at risk.

‘Insta-bragging’ involves a traveller sharing pictures and commentary on their movements and location while on a trip via social media. Security experts regularly warn holidaymakers against ‘insta-bragging’ due to a number of security risks. Now new data from the 2018 AirPlus International Travel Management Study shows two thirds of corporate travellers take similar risks. Out of 2,180 business traveller respondents worldwide, 47% post trip pictures or location updates often or sometimes during business trips, while just 19% post rarely.

To read more, you can view the original article here.

Originally published on blueswandaily.com




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