Best castle hotels in the United Kingdom

When most people think of the United Kingdom, the majority get visions of the British Royal Family and historic castles. However, since we can only dream of marrying a descendant to the throne, the ability to stay in a palace or castle with ballrooms, moats and warm fireplaces is quite limited – or is it?

Across the United Kingdom, there are more than 750 castles still standing strong, with many owned by private parties. In recent years, some proprietors have turned once fully-functional castles into hotels – allowing you to experience the prestige, class and esteem of living in a castle where history was made.

It doesn’t mean you’ll be staying in the dungeon, of course – these hotels are luxurious and will make you feel like true British royalty. Here are a selection of the best!

1) Leasowe Castle, Liverpool


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Looking out to the Irish Sea, the 16th century Leasowe Castle is just a 15 minutes’ drive from central Liverpool.

Leasowe Castle was built in 1593 by the 5th Earl of Derby, and over the coming years, new owners continued to add other features to the castle. This included towers, turrets and wings – expanding Leasowe into its current form.

The castle was abandoned in 1970 before it was turned into a luxury hotel. With 46 rooms, a fantastic restaurant and a resplendent dining room, you get all the comfort of a fabulous hotel in the setting of a 16th century landmark!

2) Warwick Castle, Warwickshire

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If you are looking for an authentic castle experience, you certainly can’t look past Warwick Castle. Situated south of Birmingham, Warwick Castle dates back to the 11th century when William the Conqueror built its foundations. Interestingly, the castle was originally a motte-and-bailey castle before being redeveloped into stone in the 12th century.

It is now one of the most popular tourist attractions in England and offers a number of unique accommodation options. Whether you want to set up camp in medieval tents, stay in the knight’s village lodges or lock yourselves away in the romantic Tower Suites, Warwick Castle should make you feel like a king or queen!

In the 14th century Caesar’s Tower, there are two private suites, Rose and Peacock, each furnished with respect to the past, but providing all the luxury of a modern hotel. Just imagine waking up in a four poster bed with the sunlight draping across the tower room – these are once-in-a-lifetime memories!

3) Inverlochy Castle, Torlundy, Scotland

While this Scottish castle was only built in 1863, it stands close to where a strong fortress was positioned dating back to the 13th century.

Inverlochy Castle was a favourite with Queen Victoria, who wrote about the lush grounds in her diary and drew sketches depicting the beautiful views. In the middle of the 20th century, the castle was bought by a Canadian entrepreneur who owned a local distillery. It was during this time that the castle was converted into a luxury hotel.

Included on a list of top hotels by Travel + Leisure magazine, Inverlochy Castle has a fond reputation for its luxury accommodation. With 17 bedrooms each offering individual design features and character, guests are welcomed like royalty and treated as such during their stay.

Of course, Inverlochy Castle is more than a castle – with activities such as golf, wildlife tours, fishing and clay pigeon shooting providing insight into traditional Scottish culture.

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