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Expedition travel is suited to curious and intelligent travellers. An expedition voyage is not a tour or a typical cruise; guests are not herded, and there is not always a set daily timetable. The wonders of the destination, with a focus on the often unpredictable natural world, allows for you to create unique experiences daily. In Antarctica especially, considerable time is left open for exploring. You may encounter orcas or humpback whales breaching and can stay to enjoy the magical sight without being rushed elsewhere to meet a deadline.


So what makes expedition travel a great alternative to traditional cruising?


The destinations

From the polar regions to Galápagos, there are many destinations that are best explored by a small expedition ship. Venture to remote locales, and get up close and personal with nature. Small ship expeditions provide you with the opportunity to access places that larger ships are unable to go.


Unique experiences and special access

Whether it’s on or off the beaten track, travel in small groups to special places for distinctive encounters with nature or culture, and be given access, often exclusive, to some of the world’s most interesting places and people.


Purpose-built ships

Expedition travel requires purpose-built ships for exploration and adventure. National Geographic Explorer, for instance, is a state-of-the-art, fully stabilised ice-class vessel, equipped with unmatched tools for exploration. National Geographic Orion includes snorkelling gear for all, diving gear for 24 guests and a Remotely Operated Vehicle that is capable of exploring depths of up to 300 metres to film the undersea and share it with you during the evening. The added benefit of cool tools for exploration, including Zodiacs and kayaks, across the fleet makes each day unique.


Top expedition team

Our staff have years of experience in the destinations they visit. Our naturalists – with specialties ranging from archaeology to marine biology – are true experts in their fields. They ensure a diverse range of expertise and an overwhelming enthusiasm for what they do, providing you with the best possible knowledge and experience. Our generous crew-to-guest ratio guarantees you an unparalleled voyage.


Education from the very best

It is a great benefit for adventure cruisers that they can receive learnings and enrichment. Expedition specialists, Lindblad Expeditions, has a National Geographic photographer or Lindblad-National Geographic certified photo instructor on every departure. These top professionals are there to guide you and provide advice and tips on-board and in the field.
An expedition is an inspiring and educational environment, and a Lindblad voyage fosters active engagement. With voyages to some of the most unique and extraordinary corners of the world, a Lindblad-National Geographic expedition will offer what many yearn for, yet few ever find.


Choose your own Adventure

FBI Travel is proud to partner with Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic to deliver clients with world class Expedition Travel Experiences.

Lindblad has been allowing people to explore, on an expedition vessel, the remote reaches of the world for 50 years. The Lindblad difference comes from the style in which clients travel. Whether it be seeking wildernesses often barely disturbed by humankind, or offering guests a more insightful experience of previously touched destinations, including exclusive access, Lindblad prides itself on its expert reputation.

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